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Corporate and Business

Shechtman Halperin Savage’s experienced group of corporate and business law attorneys are able to handle virtually any corporate or business matter that may arise, from early stage and startup formation and structuring, to general corporate matters, to complex private and public company mergers and acquisitions, and even family business succession planning. Our Corporate and Business Practice Group focuses on our clients’ objectives as we identify issues, consider alternatives, anticipate problems and risks, and develop sound and intelligent solutions tailored to each individual client’s business needs. We pride ourselves on being available at flexible hours for our clients and providing the responsiveness and personal attention of a small firm, while at the same time offering the resources, experience, and staffing capabilities of a large firm.

The Corporate and Business Practice Group assists our clients in many aspects of business transactions and matters, including the following:

Contracts and Agreements: At SHS, we guide our clients through all aspects of conceptualizing, drafting, negotiating, and executing contracts and agreements essential for running their businesses. Through skilled negotiation and detailed drafting, we eliminate loopholes, prepare for contingencies, and help solidify relationships between our clients and their colleagues, customers, employees, vendors, and partners. In addition to general contract negotiations, we handle vendor, supplier, and reseller agreements; licensing, advertising, and marketing agreements; employment and non-competition agreements; and stockholder, operating, and buy-sell agreements.

Corporate Structuring and/or Restructuring: Determining whether your company should be a Corporation, a Limited Liability Partnership, Limited Liability Company, Joint Venture, General Partnership, or Sole Proprietorship can be a daunting task. Each different type of business structure comes with its own risks, rewards, opportunities, protections and benefits. Our mission is to help our clients determine which structure is best suited to achieving day-to-day operational success for each unique business model. We take great pride in helping our clients build strong businesses, whether they are building a business from the ground up, merging a newly acquired business, or spinning off a part of an existing company. We are also available to assist our clients in selling, merging, winding up, or ceasing operation of their business if that is their objective.

Operational Matters: To keep our clients’ businesses running smoothly, SHS provides experienced advice on employment matters, day-to-day operations, general housekeeping, recordkeeping, policies and procedures, document retention, and corporate governance.

Finance and Asset Management: The lifeblood of most businesses includes their supply of talent, intellectual property, employees, customers, assets, and capital. At SHS, we work hard to help clients increase efficiency and profitability by protecting their valued assets. We offer guidance related to employment issues, intellectual property matters, obtaining financing, structuring and/or restructuring loans, workouts, forbearance agreements, indemnification agreements, and venture, mezzanine and institutional financing. We advocate for our clients throughout all phases of due diligence, negotiation, financing, documentation, and closing.

Knowledge and Experience: At SHS, we couple our own in-depth knowledge of law and legal strategies with exceptional business acumen and commercial instinct. We set out to learn and understand each client’s unique business so that we can provide our clients with advice tailored to meet their needs. We believe that it is not enough to just be knowledgeable about the law. To be effective, we must also be familiar with our client’s industry. Through our years in practice, we have gained a keen perspective into a number of industries including technology, finance and banking, automobile, foreclosure and default servicing, entertainment, telecommunications, construction, manufacturing, environmental, marketing and advertising, apparel, beverage distribution, real estate development, energy (solar, wind, etc.), supply and demand, commercial and retail distribution, restaurant and hospitality, health care, and more.