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Construction Law

Construction Law

The Shechtman Halperin Savage Construction Law Group represents property owners, general contractors, sub-contractors, suppliers, construction managers, developers, sureties and lenders in all phases of the construction process — from the beginning of the project (consulting, contract negotiation and formation) to the end of the project (mediation/arbitration/litigation of disputes and mechanic’s liens). We have years of experience in construction disputes in both Rhode Island and Massachusetts involving commercial properties, office buildings, residential developments, condominiums, site preparation, public highway and bridge construction, and shopping centers.

Our attorneys regularly handle the following construction matters:

Contract formation and review: We understand that construction contracts can be very different from other types of contracts. Our experience in real estate and financing helps SHS create ironclad contracts that still have the flexibility you and your business associates need.

Delay claims and extra work claims: From the initial contract through all the timeline issues that might come up, we can help you understand your rights and what your options are to enforce the original terms or how to adjust to maximize profit after construction is delayed.

Change orders and mid-project disputes: We have the experience to help you renegotiate mid-project disputes and to do what can be done to bring the project back on track.

Mediation, Arbitration, and Litigation: When negotiations fail, we can help you seek the best solution for your project through the court system or through a neutral mediator or arbitrator.

Mechanic’s liens: When payments aren’t made as anticipated, we can help you secure your interest in the value of the property to ensure that your investment in labor, materials, and money are reimbursed and protected.

Construction Managers, Architects and Engineers: Because the design and execution of a structure are so vital to the long-term success of any construction project, there are specific requirements and liabilities that construction managers, project managers, engineers, architects, and other industry professionals must adhere to. The attorneys in our Construction Law Practice Group can help you navigate these sometimes murky waters to ensure the success of your project, and/or to deal with all types of remediation issues.

Bond claims: Bond claims can be complex and difficult to understand. We have the experience to counsel our clients on bond options (such as payment and performance bonds) and to pursue claims as necessary and appropriate.

Surety litigation: Together with our Business and Civil Litigation Practice Group, we explore all options to resolve your surety matter quickly and fairly.

Insolvencies of contractors: SHS has years of experience dealing with insolvency issues as related to construction projects, and can guide property owners, industry tradesmen and professionals, and insolvent contractors through the insolvency process.

Our Construction Law Group utilizes the collective skills of our litigators and our transactional, corporate, environmental, and real estate lawyers to provide strategic advice to our clients throughout the construction industry. We have a strong track record of success in achieving favorable results for our clients.