Our People


Through the combined experience of our attorneys and support staff, SHS offers our clients legal and business-related services of the highest quality in an innovative, cost-efficient manner. Our attorneys are professional, responsive, creative, and knowledgeable and possess years of legal and business experience resulting in added value and benefit to our clients.

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Atchison, James G. Associate jatchison@shslawfirm.com
Boren, Richard A. Partner rboren@shslawfirm.com
Camillo Jr., Joseph A. Partner and Managing Attorney jcamillo@shslawfirm.com
Campbell, David M. Partner dcampbell@shslawfirm.com
Carlotto, Thomas E. Partner tcarlotto@shslawfirm.com
Corneau F. Ellen Partner ecorneau@shslawfirm.com
Douthit, Zona C. Of Counsel zdouthit@shslawfirm.com
Edmunds, Brett H. Associate bedmunds@shslawfirm.com
Folsom, Carrie Associate cfolsom@shslawfirm.com
Fragomeni, Christopher J. Associate cfragomeni@shslawfirm.com
Garnet, James M. Associate jgarnet@shslawfirm.com
Giron, Douglas A. Partner dgiron@shslawfirm.com
Goodwin L. Shana Associate sgoodwin@shslawfirm.com
Halperin, Preston W. Managing Partner phalperin@shslawfirm.com
Hardiman, Jeffrey J. Foreclosure Operations Attorney- CT, VT, ME jhardiman@shslawfirm.com
Hasselbacher, Erich J. Associate ehasselbacher@shslawfirm.com
Heiger, Neil W. Associate nheiger@shslawfirm.com
Howell, Stefanie D. Associate showell@shslawfirm.com
Johnson, Christine A. Associate cjohnson@shslawfirm.com
Johnson, Nathan G. Associate njohnson@shslawfirm.com
Knopf, Kristin L. Counsel kknopf@shslawfirm.com
Markles, Emery Associate emarkles@shslawfirm.com
Maynard, Jennifer L. Associate jmaynard@shslawfirm.com
McCann III, John H. Associate jmccann@shslawfirm.com
McDonald, Patrick J. Associate pmcdonald@shslawfirm.com
McGuire, Molly M. Associate mmcguire@shslawfirm.com
Ney, John M. Associate jney@shslawfirm.com
Palumbo, Kyle P. Associate kpalumbo@shslawfirm.com
Pitts-Dilley, Maggie Associate mpitts-dilley@shslawfirm.com
Razzino, Christopher A. Associate crazzino@shslawfirm.com
Robinson, Michael P. Partner mrobinson@shslawfirm.com
Russo, Alfred A. Partner arusso@shslawfirm.com
Rutko, Jeffrey A. Chief Financial Officer jrutko@shslawfirm.com
Savage, Jonathan N. Partner jsavage@shslawfirm.com
Schoenbaum, Monica P. Associate mschoenbaum@shslawfirm.com
Shechtman, Stephen J. Partner sshechtman@shslawfirm.com
Shechtman, Gary. Counsel gshechtman@shslawfirm.com
Smith, Danielle M. Managing Paralegal dsmith@shslawfirm.com
Spaziano, Gini Partner gspaziano@shslawfirm.com
Tartre, Jamie Associate jtartre@shslawfirm.com
Treanor, Brian D. Director of Information Technology btreanor@shslawfirm.com
Visconti, Girard R. Partner gvisconti@shslawfirm.com
Wagner, Dean J. Partner dwagner@shslawfirm.com
Zainyeh, George A. Chief Marketing and Development Officer gzainyeh@shslawfirm.com